Tories promise to increase access to the DTC

October 2, 2019

Conservative leader Andrew Sheer wants to expand the eligibility criteria for the DTC for 35,000 more Canadians living with insulin dependent diabetes, cystic fibrosis and phenylketonuria (PKU), that require therapy to sustain a vital function. 

A new Conservative government will introduce the Fairness for Persons with Disabilities Act, that was introduced by Conservative MP Tom Kmiec in 2018 but the bill did not pass before parliament was dissolved.

This new Act will reduce the number of hours spent per week on life-sustaining therapy needed to qualify for the tax credit from 14 to 10. It will also expand the definition of what counts as life-sustaining therapy to include determining dosages of medical food and activities related to determining dosages of medication, including dietary or exercise regimes.

We are still waiting for the Liberal, NDP and Green parties to come forward with proposals to ensure fairness for Canadians living with disabilities when applying for the DTC.