Unconscionable delays to access the DTC

March 23, 2018

"I'm completely fed up,'" 85-year-old Glen Jefferson says of the delay to access the DTC for his wife who suffers from dementia.

And no wonder.  The Halifax man has been trying to get the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to process her DTC application but kept facing unconscionable delays. After CBC shared his story, he's finally received the tax credit.

It is sad but true, since this story is shared by hundreds, if not thousands of applicants for the DTC. The administrative problems at CRA continue to worsen. 

How reassuring to learn from CRA spokesperson, Etienne Biram who is reported to have said, "There are no files in the inventory that were received more than two years ago."

The most vulnerable members of our society, those living with psychiatric disorders remain in the shadows, because of our society's stigma toward chronic and persistent mental illness. 

Here is a response to the CBC article from the wife of a husband who is also not only facing similar delays but has also been stonewalled by the CRA withholding documents required to file a successful appeal.

“Incredible! I feel like his words were the same ones coming out my mouth! I'm glad he finally got it though. To think that they were stalling it because they couldn't Google the doctor's name and send him the BS questionnaire. Honestly I doubt the answers to that questionnaire had anything to do with the final approval, seeing as it came the same day as CBC contacted them... pressure from the media had a lot to do with it, sadly.

"If this wasn't such a personally damaging issue for my husband, who lives with the debilitating effects of bipolar disorder, I'd be firing his story off to every news agency, but it's his life, not mine... and we have no choice but to wait. ”

Two years can be a long time.